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Exquisite beefsuckling lamb, minimum 5.5 kgs. unit recommended for 10 people. The head is also delivered split in half. 

Our Livestock is located in Caparroso (NAVARRA)

La livestock extensive, is that practice of farming carried out on large land so that these animals can graze, that is to say, it is a procedure related to the raising of cattle in large territories of land, which could be equivalent to up to two animals per hectare. Generally, these areas or territorial extensions have the particularity of being natural ecosystems modified by human beings according to your need, proposed for natural cycles with a vegetable production wide for Livestock feeding. Regarding the surveillance and control of animals is carried out sporadically since they are allowed to graze throughout the territorial space so that in this way they are in charge of collecting their own food.

Our Livestock is considered Semi-Stabled since the lambs are reared in facilities prepared in detail for the care of the animals, with a high-quality diet.

AGUIRRE Extensive Livestock Suckling Lamb price kg

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